[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] thomasvs gst-plugins-good: gst-plugins-good/gst/rtp/

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Tue Sep 20 06:56:31 CEST 2005


not related to your commit:

On Tue, 2005-09-20 at 03:52 -0700, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Modified files:
>     gst/rtp         : README gstrtpamrdec.c gstrtpamrenc.c
>                       gstrtpgsmenc.c gstrtph263pdec.c gstrtph263penc.c
>                       gstrtpmp4vdec.c gstrtpmp4venc.c gstrtpmpadec.c
>                       gstrtpmpaenc.c

Why are the patent-problematic mpa, mp3, h263, amr and possibly more in
-good? Is this pending? Or are the RTP formats not encumbered?


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