[gst-devel] Adding rtpbin to -good before release

burgerman at users.sourceforge.net burgerman at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 29 08:50:16 CEST 2005

> Hi,
> Last time you said that upstream jrtplib wasn't maintained and that
> guys have forked it.  Is this still true ? Is anything being done to
> resolve this ?
> I don't want to add a dependency to gst-plugins-good that can't be
> satisfied by the canonical upstream version, so you'd need to address
> that first, either by completely forking and renaming it, or by
> it accepted upstream, or by taking over.
I already took it over a long time ago. I should probably just give it a
new version. I should probably take over the website or make a new one

> Thomas

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