[gst-devel] RE: Wanted : application ideas

frazier at velocitus.net frazier at velocitus.net
Thu Sep 29 10:04:30 CEST 2005

> Hi all,
>   Several 4th year students from EPITECH, the CS school I just
> finished, have contacted me wondering what kind of open-source
> 'end-of-studies' project they could do, possibly using GStreamer. The
> end-of-studies project is 14month long, so it allows making some
> really nice projects (PiTiVi was started this way).
>   If you have any ideas of programs you'd like to see, but haven't got
> the time to work on them, now is your chance. There's no limit to the
> field of application they can do, but it would nice to have a
> GStreamer-based application, and hence bring more people in the
> GStreamer community.

Maybe it is already out there, but a super friendly (GUI) simple video
editor that allowed for DV campcorder capture and simple editing would be
excellent. If it easily converted the final product into a DVD with menus
if desired, that would be even better.

Just an idea.

-Brock Frazier
 GStreamer logo guy

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