[gst-devel] problem setting sink buffering parameters - leads to horrible skipping

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Mon Apr 10 12:57:04 CEST 2006

Hi david,

right now you'd better download the file before. GStreamer just starts
to handle situations like this where there are ressource problems
(either bandwith or CPU). But iit will take some time until this is


Am Montag, den 10.04.2006, 12:30 -0400 schrieb David Mansfield:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to play a file that is coming from a slow network drive.  The 
> drive is slow, but has about 3x the bandwidth as should be necessary to 
> play.
> However, the I/O 'read' request is not being issued in time to provide 
> the buffer to the pipeline in time, and the audio skips horribly.
> I attribute this to insufficient sink buffering, as that is really the 
> only part of the pipeline I have full control over (via 
> gstreamer-properties).
> To debug, I am trying the following:
> gst-launch --gst-debug-level=1 filesrc \
>   location=file.mp3 ! \
>   mad ! \
>   audioconvert ! \
>   audioresample ! \
>   osssink latency-time=2000000 buffer-time=10000000 \
>     preroll-queue-len=1
> I have tried both alsasink and osssink, with various settings for 
> latency-time, buffer-time,nd preroll-queue-len, none of which make one 
> whit of difference.
> Is there something I'm missing?  How do I force read-ahead on the pipeline?
> David
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