[gst-devel] GStreamer as Google Summer of Code project

Michael Krog mic at apaq.dk
Tue Apr 18 03:25:06 CEST 2006


I have an idea:
How about a video input for slideshows using an open
slideshow/presentation engine which can show the common formats.

This would be suitable for fx. keynote-applications which offer
recording of a keynote and projecting of cameras, slideshows etc.

Best Regards
Michael Krog

tir, 18 04 2006 kl. 11:35 +0200, skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager
> Hi team,
>         I have started the process of registering GStreamer as a summer
>         of code project this year. If that is going to be a success for
>         us we need two things, one is good ideas for what the SoC
>         students can work on and even more importantly we need mentors.
>         So please send me any proposals you might have for things you
>         think
>         would be suitable for a SoC project that is related to
>         GStreamer. And also let me know if you are willing to mentor
>         projects that gets
>         approved or mentor specific projects. I will put together a page
>         for us listing the project proposals and listing a primary
>         mentor for each.
>         When proposing ideas be sure to remember that these ideas are
>         meant to get students interested and also they need to be
>         relatively
>         self-contained. I have on purpose not listed things like 'enable
>         RTSP support in playbin' or 'implement the  multique design' as
>         proposals as they are probably to sensitive to let 'Joe Hacker'
>         work on.
>         Proposals coming from people willing to mentor them will get
>         prominent placing on our projects page :)
>         A couple of ideas I have to kick this off -
>         Write MXF muxer and demuxer: The MXF format is popular within
>         the TV
>         industry and optimized for used with non-linear editors. It is
>         also the format for choice for BBC's Dirac codec for instance.
>         Getting support for this would be a good boon for Pitivi and
>         Diva. 
>         Librarify Ambulant - Refactor libambulant SMIL render to be
>         usable for doing a GStreamer plugin on top of it and write such
>         a plugin.
>         Preferably the refactoring is done in a way that the Ambulant
>         community can accept back upstream. 
>         Implement Ogg RTP - Implement payloaders and depayloaders for
>         Vorbis and Theora using the recently completed specifications
>         and make sure they work with Tapioca or Telepathy for doing
>         video/audio conferencing.
>         MPEG2 muxer and MPEG2 encoder - Write a muxer for the mpeg2
>         container format and an encoder for the MPEG2 video format
>         (write in the sense do a plugin. Probably want to rely on some
>         existing code for the encoder). Important for being able to do
>         ViiV/DLNA compliant devices using GStreamer.
>         Thumbnail play on hoover in Nautilus - When your mouse hoovers
>         over the Nautilus video thumbnails the video starts playing
>         inside the thumbnail.
>         GStreamer and Amarok - Make sure GStreamer back-end in Amarok is
>         fully featured and the default.
>         Other suggestions?
>         Christian
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