[gst-devel] GStreamer as Google Summer of Code project

Zaheer Merali zaheerabbas at merali.org
Tue Apr 18 04:06:07 CEST 2006

On 4/18/06, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <uraeus at gnome.org> wrote:
> Hi team,
>         I have started the process of registering GStreamer as a summer
>         of code project this year. If that is going to be a success for
>         us we need two things, one is good ideas for what the SoC
>         students can work on and even more importantly we need mentors.
>         So please send me any proposals you might have for things you
>         think
>         would be suitable for a SoC project that is related to
>         GStreamer. And also let me know if you are willing to mentor
>         projects that gets
>         approved or mentor specific projects. I will put together a page
>         for us listing the project proposals and listing a primary
>         mentor for each.
>         When proposing ideas be sure to remember that these ideas are
>         meant to get students interested and also they need to be
>         relatively
>         self-contained. I have on purpose not listed things like 'enable
>         RTSP support in playbin' or 'implement the  multique design' as
>         proposals as they are probably to sensitive to let 'Joe Hacker'
>         work on.
>         Proposals coming from people willing to mentor them will get
>         prominent placing on our projects page :)
>         A couple of ideas I have to kick this off -
>         Write MXF muxer and demuxer: The MXF format is popular within
>         the TV
>         industry and optimized for used with non-linear editors. It is
>         also the format for choice for BBC's Dirac codec for instance.
>         Getting support for this would be a good boon for Pitivi and
>         Diva.
>         Librarify Ambulant - Refactor libambulant SMIL render to be
>         usable for doing a GStreamer plugin on top of it and write such
>         a plugin.
>         Preferably the refactoring is done in a way that the Ambulant
>         community can accept back upstream.
>         Implement Ogg RTP - Implement payloaders and depayloaders for
>         Vorbis and Theora using the recently completed specifications
>         and make sure they work with Tapioca or Telepathy for doing
>         video/audio conferencing.
>         MPEG2 muxer and MPEG2 encoder - Write a muxer for the mpeg2
>         container format and an encoder for the MPEG2 video format
>         (write in the sense do a plugin. Probably want to rely on some
>         existing code for the encoder). Important for being able to do
>         ViiV/DLNA compliant devices using GStreamer.
>         Thumbnail play on hoover in Nautilus - When your mouse hoovers
>         over the Nautilus video thumbnails the video starts playing
>         inside the thumbnail.
>         GStreamer and Amarok - Make sure GStreamer back-end in Amarok is
>         fully featured and the default.
>         Other suggestions?
>         Christian

How about a plugin for f-spot that took selected photos and created an
Ogg/Theora/Vorbis movie file of a slideshow of the photos transitioned
with effects and muxed with audio from say a rb/banshee playlist. 
iPhoto on Mac OS X has a similar feature and so does ULead CD & DVD
PictureShow on Windows.

Giving the users configurability of effects used, time photos should
stay on screen.

This could be done using the gnonlin elements, we may need some more
effects elements.


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