[gst-devel] Illegal instructions

Jussi Laako jussi at sonarnerd.net
Tue Apr 18 13:40:02 CEST 2006

Daniel Díaz wrote:
>>> I'm getting some "Illegal instruction" messages with some specific
>>> plugins, namely libgstaudioresample.so, libgstvideotestsrc.so, and
>>> libgstvideobox.so.
>>>   ...
>>> I know there were some issues with a certain version of liboil and
>>> ARM, but I think those were fixed by 0.3.7.
>>>   ...
>>> There must be something in common between those 3 plugins (audioresample,
>>> videotestsrc, and videobox) that is making and "illegal instruction"
>>> whenever those are in the plugins path.
>> liboil is the prime suspect IMHO. Have you tried whether 'export
>> OIL_CPU_FLAGS=0' makes things work?
> At runtime? No luck! Same thing happening.

Same thing happening for me (same elements). SuSE 10.0 distro, gcc-4.0.x 
compiler. I managed to reduce invalid instruction errors slightly by 
tampering liboil sources. I'm pretty sure it's liboil's fault.

 From my own project (libdsp), I know that inline asm with gcc is rather 
sensitive to gcc versions. Stable code usually needs tweaking and 
testing on different CPUs on each compiler's minor (.x) version.

Now we have to map all non-functional CPU/gcc combinations. CPU is 
Pentium-M on IBM ThinkPad T41 laptop.

	- Jussi

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