[gst-devel] how to tailor gstreamer to embeded device?

zs p paaa1976 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Apr 26 02:00:01 CEST 2006

I'm porting gstreamer(0.10.4) to an arm-linux
platform, but gstreamer is too big to port device. So
I want to reduce gstreamer and its dependencies(glib,
libxml) to minimum size.

Q1: how to tailor gstreamer core?
There are several subdirectories in gstreamer, but I
think I shouldn't enter all subdirs to run "make
install" , so which subdirs are mandantory? 
Are "gst","libs","plugins" and "pkgconfig" necessary?
What are the functions of those subdir?

Q2: how to tailor glib and libxml?
Gstreamer maybe use little function of glib and
libxml, but full installation of those is too huge. I
want to only install the minimum function set of glib
and libxml to meet gstreamer, what should I do?

I really appreciate your any answers and suggestions.


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