[gst-devel] PushSrc problem

Corentin BARON corentin.baron at inrialpes.fr
Wed Aug 9 11:04:57 CEST 2006

Le 8 août 06 à 14:53, Jan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 14:41 +0200, Corentin BARON wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I've got a problem porting my plugin to 0.10. It seems that as soon
>> as I try to compile it as a PushSrc subclass GStreamer is unable to
>> load it. If I try to make it a GstElement subclass (tried it with the
>> plugin template) it's recognized without any problem (but where do I
>> give it my 'create' function since I'm working on a live source
>> plugin?).
>> I'm working on GStreamer 0.10.9 on a Fedora Core 4.
> You've probably forgotten to link against libgstbase. GstPushSrc lives
> in there, while GstElement is in the core library.
> ldd -r yourelememt.so should show unresolved symbols.
> Regards,
> Jan.

The problem was of this kind, thanks.

Now my problem is with pad creation in PushSrc. I added the pad  
template as I did in 0.8 (and as mentioned in the BaseSrc  
documentation) but it seems GStreamer don't instanciate any pad at  
the BaseSrc level.

> static GstStaticPadTemplate src_factory =
> 	"src",
> );
> static void gst_blinkysrc_base_init(gpointer klass) {
> 	GstElementClass *element_class = GST_ELEMENT_CLASS(klass);
> 	static GstElementDetails plugin_details = {...};
> 	gst_element_class_add_pad_template(element_class,
> 		gst_static_pad_template_get(&src_factory));
> 	gst_element_class_set_details(element_class, &plugin_details);
> }

but whenever I try to launch a pipeline with my source I get this error:

> GStreamer-WARNING **: Element blinkysrc0 has an ALWAYS template  
> src, but no pad of the same name

I digged a little into the source code of videotestsrc to see how it  
handles things, but couldn't figure what's wrong.

Can anyone help?


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