[gst-devel] Introduction and doubt/suggestion for GStreamer

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Sun Dec 17 02:33:16 CET 2006


> I have a doubt or suggestion for GStreamer. Ok, here is my case: I'm 
> building my own (and professional) radio station, which I want to 
> transmit a broadcast over the Internet in order other people could 
> listen to us. At this moment, I have an Axis IP Camera which records and 
> transmit a video stream (but with no audio), and I have a shoutcast 
> server which transmits an audio broadcast.
> Ok, the question is: Could it be possible to "fusionate" or to integrate 
> both streams into an only one synchronized? (When in the video stream I 
> appear playing with the mixer faders, the sounds is 100% synchronized 
> and it sounds the result of such playing).

Synchronizing two completely different sources correctly is going to be
very hard if they have no way of sharing a common clock.  With those two
devices, the best you could hope for is to share a common network clock
(say, use NTP), and then make sure that whatever you use for capturing
uses that clock information to synchronize the two streams.

I am not sure what you can get from an Axis camera these days, I've been
told they can do for example MPEG-4 over RTP.  I assume you get your
audio from the sound card.

You would still need to do some programming to either adapt the
reception of the RTP stream into a GStreamer element to retimestamp
according to the audio clock of your soundcard.

> I know it can be done using a webcam and Microsoft Media Services, but I 
> have all running with some FreeBSD boxes and I don't want to use and 
> migrate some of them to Windows.

Flumotion (http://www.flumotion.net/) could be a starting point for you,
it's a streaming server on top of GStreamer written in Python.


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