[gst-devel] XVImageSink Fullscreen patch.

Julien Moutte julien at moutte.net
Mon Dec 18 12:06:37 CET 2006


I don't think it's interesting to incorporate this kind of feature in
the plugin itself.

Going fullscreen is an application issue and should not be handled by
properties, gst-launch is not a player it's just for testing.



On Mon, 2006-12-18 at 12:35 +0530, Snaik wrote:
>  hello,
>   i've added fullscreen features to the xvimagesink plugin, which
> allows the plugin to go into fullscreen mode.
> basically ive written a function that achieves this,
> but there seems to be a problem sometimes while going into the
> fullscreen mode, 
> [problems]
> sometimes while switching to the fullscreen mode, the window just
> dissapears and fullscreen never appears.
> and sometimes
> XIO:  fatal IO error 0 (Success) on X server ":0.0"
>       after 197 requests (195 known processed) with 0 events
> remaining. 
> [end]
> maybe im not aquiring the correct locks, or the fullscreen_toggle() is
> not done at the proper location in code.
> currently im aquiring a lock on the flow and to the xcontext, i.e.
> g_mutex_lock(xvimagesink->flow_lock)  and 
> g_mutex_lock(xvimagesink->x_lock) ..
> Probably i should be able to fix this with the help of Julien Moutte
> (original code author).
> Code Additions ive made:
> 1] gst_xvimagesink_toggle_fullscreen(), toggles the fullscreen mode. 
> 2] Installed fullscreen property on the plugin (so that the pipeline
> can start in fullscreen mode)
> 3] Installed title property on the plugin (so u can set the title of
> the xv window to something u like, default "XVImageSink") 
> 4] Capturing X Keypress Events for keys F and f to toggle fullscreen
> and Key Escape to switch to window mode when in fullscreen.
> i would like to know where i should submit the code additions ive
> made.
> and would also like to know whether i need to describe what im doing
> in the code additions. 
> regards
> snaik 
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