[gst-devel] ERROR disable-registry

ram kumar heyram_2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 12:52:33 CET 2006

    I want to disable the XML library since it 

occupies more memory.so I have even tried with 

configuring --disable- registry and --disable-

loadsave in the gstconfig.h 

file.But when i compiled the project(libgstreamer)in 

VC++ 6 workspace i got some compilation errors with 

gstregistryxml.c and gstxml.c so i removed that files 

from the project...since iam not using XML 

library..But iam able to build all the plugins like 

the "mp3parser" "mad" decoder and "directsound" 

sink.But when i create my application and try to play 

a file it says that filesrc element couldn't be 

created ie)its not able to recognize the 


2.Please give me the link where i can find the binary 

registry patch so that i can use the registry without 

LIBXML .I searched in the bug list

(http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org) but iam not able 

to find it..

I have also attached the code of my CLI player...

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