[gst-devel] disabling registry

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Dec 26 12:27:43 CET 2006


(be advised you are quickly spending your karma points with a lot of
questions that most people find the answer to themselves just by trying
a little and reading a little.)

On Tue, 2006-12-26 at 01:04 -0800, ram kumar wrote:
> hi developers,
>                I have developed that CLI Player on 
> windows platform and iam trying to optimize the code 
> so that i can use it on a embedded device.(as i have 
> mentioned earlier).
> But I didn't understand 
> 1.When i use gst-launch --gst-debug-disable in 
> command line it gives an error message 
> "error:failed to write registry to a temporary
> file"."Bad file descriptor"
> "error:pipeline could not be constructed:empty
> pipeline not allowed"

The first error could potentially be a bug.  We would need to have a
debug log to see what goes on.
The second error is normal.  You start gst-launch, which launches
pipelines, but you do not give it a pipeline.

There is no --gst-debug-disable argument to gst-launch.  Maybe you are
thinking of configure, which is a command you run to configure the build
if you are using Unix or mingw/cygwin.

> Please guide me how to disable debugger using
> gst-launch.

You can't, it's a compile-time decision, not a runtime decision.

> 2.As i told you in the prevoius mail.I don't want to 
> use XML library so the mailing list advised me to 
> configure gstreamer using --disable-registry and --
> disable-loadsave but iam not able to find these 
> options with gst-launch.I refered the following link 

Again, these are options to configure.  I think in the VS builds you
need to edit config.h to achieve the same effect, but I am not sure.
Sebastien ?

> 3.Say we had disabled the registry,but How to load 
> the plugins explicitly??I even tried with gst-launch -
> -gst-plugin-load=mad but it gives the error message
> "failed to load plugin problem accessing file mad no
> such file or directory"

You really need to work harder at understanding the feedback you get
from the computer.  In this particular case, it would not be that hard
to guess that *maybe* you are supposed to give it a *file* and not a
*random string*.  So how about you spend some effort and try to specify
the full path to the plugin file for mad ?

I am not even sure if this is the right thing to do, as replying to your
mail takes time out of my "check-the-code" approach to problem-solving,
but it would be the next step I would take if I were in your shoes.

> But i have the plugin "mad" installed by gstreamer in
> debug/lib folder on "C" drive. 
> 4.Say for example we have done all these like 
> disabled the registry and configured gstreamer to 
> load the plugins explictly.How inform my application 
> that runs on top of gstreamer these changes...
> When we give the option like gst-launch --gst-disable-
> debug ,will the gstreamer debugger gets disable 
> pemanently????ie)will the debugger get disabled 
> everytime my application uses gstreamer..

--gst-disable-debug is a compile-time choice.  This means, once you
built GStreamer this way, there is no debug information.  There is no
"debugger" in GStreamer - this is only the debug logging.

> 5.Iam not able to understand the exact 
> working...Please tell me in detail...How can i 
> disable the XML library...and reduce my code...

You should learn to read the code to avoid repeating the same question
over and over.  Understand what it is that you are trying to build,
understand what you know and don't know, and make some effort to fill
the gaps.  Most people can figure out how to build something the way
they want to if they really need to build it that way.  I am sure you
can do it too if you give yourself a chance to find out.

In particular for this case, why don't you figure out how it is that
libxml can be compiled out conditionally, which defines and symbols are
part of this process, and where they are coming from.


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