[gst-devel] disabling registry

ram kumar heyram_2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 10:04:38 CET 2006

hi developers,
               I have developed that CLI Player on 

windows platform and iam trying to optimize the code 

so that i can use it on a embedded device.(as i have 
mentioned earlier).
But I didn't understand 

1.When i use gst-launch --gst-debug-disable in 

command line it gives an error message 

"error:failed to write registry to a temporary
file"."Bad file descriptor"
"error:pipeline could not be constructed:empty
pipeline not allowed"

Please guide me how to disable debugger using

2.As i told you in the prevoius mail.I don't want to 

use XML library so the mailing list advised me to 

configure gstreamer using --disable-registry and --

disable-loadsave but iam not able to find these 

options with gst-launch.I refered the following link 

for gst-launch options like(--gst-debug)
can anyone tell me how to configure gstreamer using 

this --disable-registry and --disable-loadsave or 

where to use this...

3.Say we had disabled the registry,but How to load 

the plugins explicitly??I even tried with gst-launch -

-gst-plugin-load=mad but it gives the error message

"failed to load plugin problem accessing file mad no
such file or directory"

But i have the plugin "mad" installed by gstreamer in
debug/lib folder on "C" drive. 
4.Say for example we have done all these like 

disabled the registry and configured gstreamer to 

load the plugins explictly.How inform my application 

that runs on top of gstreamer these changes...

When we give the option like gst-launch --gst-disable-

debug ,will the gstreamer debugger gets disable 

pemanently????ie)will the debugger get disabled 

everytime my application uses gstreamer..
5.Iam not able to understand the exact 

working...Please tell me in detail...How can i 

disable the XML library...and reduce my code...

Please do remember i have built the player on windows
and in VC++6 

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