[gst-devel] Compiling Plugin with additional Libraries

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Wed Feb 1 12:38:02 CET 2006


if ldd does not show the lib, its not linked against it. You should
locate the lib using pkg-config or the like and add the lib to the
variables in Makefile.am (LDADD, LDFLAGS, ..).
If ldd shows the lib, but can't resolv it, check that /opt/lib is in you


Sameer Naik wrote:
> Hello everyone...
> i have developed a plugin that need additional libraries to get working
> the include file for my library are  in
> */opt/include*
> and the library files are in
> */opt/lib*
> i have developed my plugin using the plugin template available in the
> gstreamer cvs.
> heres what i do to compile my plugin
> ./configure CFLAGS=-I/opt/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/lib
> make
> make install
> (i do nothing more than this to tell the compiler about the libraries
> i wanna use.)
> my plugin gets compiled well
> when i do a gst-inspect on my plugin it says "plugin or element not found"
> i did an ldd on the .so file of my plugin to check what libraries its
> compiled against, and none of
> my libraries (the libs i wanna use) are shown, only the gstreamer,
> glibc,and so on are shown...
> im quite sure that the external libraries i want to use are not
> getting linked to my plugin...probably im missing something..
> looks like im missing something really minor, something im not aware
> of :)...
> plz help
> thanks in advance
> take care
> Sameer 

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