[gst-devel] gnome-media

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Sun Feb 19 05:05:08 CET 2006

hi tim,

I managed to get my jhbuild to work. Below is a list of issues I came

1.) Volume-Mixer
File->change Device: shows me:
  0: SiS Si7018 (Alsa Mixer)
  1: ICEnsemble ICE1232, Silicon Labo (OSS Mixer)
Where both work, but the OSS one has sliders labeld 'In-gain', which
allow to control the mic-input gain. The Alsa one lists a thousand
possible control, but none for the mix-gain. I can imagine this beeing
an alsa issue.

2.) HIG
When opening all the gnome-media application they all use different
spacings (between windows and controls), even inside one app (e.g the
mixer) it differs. Will file this as a bug for 2.16 to get proper review
comment from the usability team.

3.) Sound recorder lists a lots of inputs. Neither Alsa nor OSS has that
many active capture devices. Ist this list generated?

Generally can you perhaps summarize the key changes a bit. I just read over:
(jump to the heading "It's Only Sound" and think the GStreamer coverage
is a bit thin. I'll forward them to davyd.


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