[gst-devel] GStreamer DSP integration

Edgard Lima edgard.lima at indt.org.br
Wed Feb 22 08:58:11 CET 2006

I THINK there is no examples for that and if you want make this, you 
must write/compile your own DSP code by using texas avaible tools and 
also create a lib to comunicate your ARM code with DSP by using 
DSPGATEWAY and then write your Gstreamer plugin that uses the lib.
Since (I Think) there is no easy/direct docs for that you have to 
hacking in DSPGATEWAY first.

Edgard - alima
edgard.lima at cin.ufpe.br

ext Will Newton wrote:

>Are there any examples of integrating gstreamer with a DSP? I believe
>the Nokia 770 does this but I can't find any documentation or source
>for it.
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