[gst-devel] few newbie questions....

srikanth skanth at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 23:02:02 CET 2006

i am trying to find info on how different languages are supported in subtitles
subparse program definitely works good in english but doesnt supports different
want to know about few things

1) how are these subtitles fonts are supported i mean where this font file are
stored in a dvd for example Arial font or to be specific if we want to store a
chinese(traditional) font to look up convert the unicode, is there anyinfo
regarding in ifo file  (((i am a new bie to gstreamer and dvd if i have gone
wrong in the concept itself anywhere please correct it)))

2)and also want to know as in transport stream the  language_code will be used
as search key to identify the PES- packets which carries the subtitle streams
with viewer's selected language, via PMT then send to decode for presentation.
but how does this process work in program stream in dvd

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