[gst-devel] Use of GstElementFactory::klass property

David Schleef ds at schleef.org
Tue Feb 28 06:26:04 CET 2006

On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 01:46:13PM +0000, Edward Hervey wrote:
> GstElementFactory has this, seamingly, very useful property called
> klass. The only documentation about it however is lost somewhere in
> the description of the GstElementDetails structure:
> "gchar *klass; 	 type of element, as hierarchy"
> The problem is two-fold:
> 1/ There isn't any established standard of which klass you should put
> a ElementFactory in and what the meaning of every class hierarchy
> means.

> The proposition is to first document properly every class hierarchy
> somewhere (What should go in every (sub-)level, what's the policy on
> creating new (sub-)levels, ....). This is useful both for application
> and plugin developers, so I guess it should go in the ADM.

One of the reasons nothing has ever usefully been done with this
field is because discussions get sidetracked into how a heirarchy
is not appropriate for this field and that a list of categories
would be better.

I sidetrack the discussion now.  Hopefully it will get somewhere
this time.


David Schleef
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