[gst-devel] Ixion player on Windows

Sergey Scobich sergey.scobich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 04:39:10 CET 2006


These are very good news indeed!
It would be useful if you will write this how to.
Will I be able to debug gstreamer from IDE?

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I'll have a cvs account soon, so i'll update the win32 folders with my 
vs6 and yours vs7 and add the directx sinks to gst-plugins-bad/sys/ asap.
When i started building gstreamer on windows, i was using vs7.1 and i 
succeeded to setup it to link on msvcrt.dll.
if you want i can write a howto to explain how to do it so you will be 
able to use the same dependencies archive while working with vs7.1.

Sergey Scobich wrote:

>This is how I've done.
>First of all I built all dependencies with msvcr71.dll, then I created a
>project for vs7 and build successfully gstreamer. 
>I also built most of the gst-plugins-base only audioresample and
>ffmpegcolorspace remained
>Now I successfully built liboil with msvcrt71.dll (using mingw + some
>patches in liboil) 
>And will try to compile the remaining gst-plugins-base.
>I filed two bugs with vs7 project files #325248, #325246.
>They are not processed yet.
>This was two days ago and they are a bit outdated.
>Unfortunately I didn't have VS6, but what to develop, debug, profile, fix
>code in gstreamer - so that's why I decided to build all in VS.2003
>I know that building with VS.2003 is not compatible with GPL. I just doing
>it for fun. 
>Anyway during this work I propose many small corrections for gstreamer code
>(thank you guys from #gstreamer) and successfully played an ogg file, using
>Sébastien's directsoundsink.
>But a lot of work remains - playbin is not finished and could be improved
>for better support for Windows.
>I wonder why directx sinks are not in gstreamer CVS. I know that they are
>not finished but the development should be done in CVS.
>Sebastien did you file a bug with suggestion to include directx sinks

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