[gst-devel] Ixion player on Windows

Sergey Scobich sergey.scobich at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:10:14 CET 2006


I succeeded to compile gstreamer in Release mode from VS.NET 2003 and
linking it with msvcrt.dll

I downloaded special msvcrt.lib from http://www.silverex.org/compiling/ that
is suitable for VS.NET and linked with msvcrt.dll

After first try I get 2 unresolved externals: security_cookie or smth.

I went to project settings and in "C/C++, Code Generation" disabled "Buffer
Security Check"

Now I will try debug mode - The problem is that I have msvcrtd.lib but
didn't have msvcrtd.dll.


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I'll have a cvs account soon, so i'll update the win32 folders with my 
vs6 and yours vs7 and add the directx sinks to gst-plugins-bad/sys/ asap.
When i started building gstreamer on windows, i was using vs7.1 and i 
succeeded to setup it to link on msvcrt.dll.
if you want i can write a howto to explain how to do it so you will be 
able to use the same dependencies archive while working with vs7.1.

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