[gst-devel] I am a new bee trying to understand video playing in GStreamer

Dathathreya.Krishnabhat at nokia.com Dathathreya.Krishnabhat at nokia.com
Thu Jul 6 06:46:12 CEST 2006


I want to undestand how video works in Gstreamer. Now to play a simple
video file of avi format, which of the following libraries I need to

gstreamer - core library and elements 0.10.8
gst-plugins- additional elements 0.8.12
gst-plugins-base - an essential exemplary set of elements 0.10.8
gst-plugins-good- a set of good-quality plug-ins under our preferred
license, LGPL 0.10.3
gst-plugins-ugly- a set of good-quality plug-ins that might pose
distribution problems 0.10.3
gst-plugins-bad - a set of plug-ins that need more quality 0.10.3
gst-ffmpeg - FFmpeg-based plug-in 0.10.1
gnonlin - Non-linear editing elements 0.10.4   	 
gst-editor - graphical pipeline editor 0.8.0   	 
gst-python - python bindings 0.10.4
gst-monkeysaudio - Monkey's Audio plug-in 0.8.0

I got the above list from http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/modules/

Using gst-launch.exe, can I play a video file. To play a avi file what
is the full command including the pipelines.


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