[gst-devel] Can I do this with gstreamer ?

Daniel Díaz mrchapp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 17:30:53 CEST 2006

Hey, Axel!

On 7/11/06, Axel R. <axel584 at axel584.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to do a program which take some picture (jpg) and make a
> slideshow with them.
> http://dvd-slideshow.sourceforge.net/ do this, but it's a bash program
> which use ffmpeg (it cut each frame of the movie and make a movie with
> ffmpeg)
> Thank for your help,
> Axel

I did that two or three days ago based on the "Hello, World" example
provided with the GStreamer documentation, only I used web images for
that. It's pretty simple.

I constructed a pipeline like this:
gst-launch neonhttpsrc ! jpegdec ! freeze ! ffmpegcolorspace ! ximagesink

With a g_timeout for every 5000 ms, the URI is changed in the source
element and then restarted the pipeline.


Daniel Díaz
yosoy at danieldiaz.org

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