[gst-devel] XOverlay and videoscale element

Ronald S. Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Thu Jun 1 15:37:37 CEST 2006

On Wed, 31 May 2006 11:17:01 +0200, Corentin BARON wrote:
> I'm trying to resize a video displayed in a GtdDrawingArea using the  
> GstXOverlay interface (sdlvideosink) and the videoscale element. I'm  
> trying to setup the caps in the configure event callback. The caps  
> are correctly set, but the video output keeps at the same size (it  
> seems that the sdlvideosink doesn't want to resize).

There's no API for this in SDL, and therefore it is technically not
possible to do so. Use x(v)imagesink instead. If you want this feature,
you'll have to add some ugly hacks to sdlvideosink to resize when you
set some property on it, and then set that property each time you
receive a configure event, or something silly like that.


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