[gst-devel] Bug in python bindings

Fredrik Persson frepe at bredband.net
Wed May 3 08:24:12 CEST 2006

Dear developers!

(This is mainly directed to Edward Hervey and the people working on the python bindings.)

If bringing your attention to a bug this way is considered very impolite, I apologize.

I've filed a bug report here:


It's something that should be *really* easy to try and reproduce. I'd be very happy just to get a "yes, that happens here too" or "nope, works fine for me".

Just run this python script:

import gst
import gobject

source = gst.element_factory_make("v4l2src")
print source.get_channel()

... and see if it gives a "GStreamer-CRITICAL" and then segfaults. 

Thanks in advance,

Fredrik Persson

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