[gst-devel] GStreamer and Google Summer of Code (sign-up time)

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller uraeus at gnome.org
Wed May 3 02:04:07 CEST 2006

So GStreamer didn't get into this years SoC as a separate project as
most of you know by now. I still recommend that any students on this
list or any student friends of people on this list look into doing a
'GStreamer' project as their Summer of Code project this year. 
My two latest blog entries here some of the projects that are willing to
accept related projects using GStreamer:
The deadline to apply is May 8th. I especially urge you to consider
proposing a project that would fit under the Xiph or BBC banner.
Projects like GNOME and KDE get a lot of project proposals, while
organizations like Xiph and BBC (dealing with more technically advanced
subjects) tend to get less, so the chances of getting approved if you
have the skills for it is much higher. I am on the mentor list for the
BBC and Xiph.org (and GNOME) so I will try to make sure the right people
are pulled in as mentors if people propose projects. I know other
GStreamer hackers are mentors on these and many of the other projects
listed in my blog entries. Also remember that you can propose up to 20
projects with different organizations. So if a project could fit
multiple organizations you could submit it to more than one to increase
your chances of success. For instance doing MXF muxers/demuxers for
GStreamer. You can submit it as a Xiph project with the target of
putting Vorbis and Theora in MXF and you can submit it to the BBC with
the target of muxing Dirac and Vorbis into MXF and you can submit it
under GNOME in order to add MXF support to Totem. You could probably
find angles for proposing it with even more organizations.
So if you are a student take a look at the proposed projects hosted by
the various projects and send in a proposal based on that or your own
idea. If you have student friends suggest to them to take a look at the
project ideas and join in if they can.
You find the full list of Google SoC mentoring organizations here:
There is also a student signup link on that page.

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