[gst-devel] Accessing playbin's streaminfo from high languages (python/ruby etc)

Zaheer Merali zaheermerali at gmail.com
Thu May 4 05:39:11 CEST 2006

On 5/4/06, Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd at spring.luon.net> wrote:
> Hi,
>   For the gst 0.10 ruby bindings i want to put together an simple videoplayer
>   example using playbin. Something like what the play example is for the python
>   bindings.
>   Now at some point i wanted to access the stream-info property. Unfortunately
>   this is declared a being a gpointer, which is ofcourse completely useless
>   from the point of ruby and python. More specific, there is no type information
>   the bindings can use to do the convertion to something usefull.
>   I can see two options to fix this.
>   0) playbin could provide a variant on the stream-info property which
>      is correctly typed, using GST_TYPE_LIST for example. Unfortunately
>      there is no GParamSpec for GST_TYPE_LIST, so that would require some
>      additions to core.
>   1) Add stream-info-added, stream-info-removed signals to playbin. Easy to do,
>      requires no core changes.
>   I'd really like to see at least the first option implemented at some point,
>   imho base plugins really shouldn't have information that's basically
>   inaccessible for language bindings. (Ofcourse you can hack around this, but
>   that's imho really really ugly)
>   The second option might be a good idea anyway, as most things using playbin
>   will currently probably listen to notify::stream-info anyway.
>   Comments?
>   Sjoerd

Hi Sjoerd,

Great to see you working on ruby bindings for GStreamer 0.10.  Do you
have a repository you are working in?  If so, I'd like to help.  Also
did you know GStreamer 0.10 bindings for ruby is listed on the Ruby
SoC page as an idea.  Maybe you could gain some extra cash for doing
this (if you are a student).


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