[gst-devel] Accessing playbin's streaminfo from high languages (python/ruby etc)

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at spring.luon.net
Thu May 4 06:07:07 CEST 2006

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 01:39:05PM +0200, Zaheer Merali wrote:
> Hi Sjoerd,
> Great to see you working on ruby bindings for GStreamer 0.10.  Do you
> have a repository you are working in?  

I've got a simple trac page up at https://trac.luon.net/ruby-gstreamer0.10/.
Anonymous svn access via http://svn.luon.net/svn/ruby-gstreamer0.10/

> If so, I'd like to help.  

Help is always very welcome :).. Feature-wise the bindings should be almost
on-par with the 0.8 bindings (it's a a fork of the 0.8 bindings so...). 

To get it compiled you'll need to apply the patches in the patches dir to
ruby-gnome2. I'm currently working on getting them accepted upstream, which
seems to go reasonably well :)

> Also did you know GStreamer 0.10 bindings for ruby is listed on the Ruby SoC
> page as an idea.  Maybe you could gain some extra cash for doing this (if you
> are a student).

I'm aware of that, i already mailed the ruby soc team that i was already
working on the bindings so they could adjust the ideas a little. 

I'm still a student, but i wasn't planning to do a summer of code, the google
timeline sucks (my last exams are around their mid-program evaluations) and
i've already have other plans... But if some other student want to further
improve them, it's always welcome :)

"Picture the sun as the origin of two intersecting 6-dimensional
hyperplanes from which we can deduce a certain transformational
sequence which gives us the terminal velocity of a rubber duck ..."

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