[gst-devel] Regarding GStreamer/Cupid

Vidhu Bennie vidhu_ben at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 17 04:06:04 CEST 2006

Hi ,
  I am a newbie with regards to GStreamer. I was just trying to study GStreamer for developing my own recorder application using GStreamer.
  So as part of this, I was looking into the existing applications which has been built upon Gstreamer.
  I was trying to install the cupid recorder appln(ver 0.0.2), downloaded from 
  I have GStreamer 0.10.4 installed in my system (Fedora 5).
  I have few questions.
  1) Is this the latest version (0.0.2) available for cupid..?? If a newer version than 0.0.2 is available, from where can i get the same..??
  2) Is there any activity happenning right now towards cupid..??
  3) Is there any other recorder ( audio/video capture with sync from microphone and webcam) solution available now, which uses GStreamer ..??
  4) Does 0.0.2 version of cupid uses GStreamer0.8 or 10.4 ..??
  5) Is there any port of cupid for GStreamer10.4 and above available 
  Finally and most importantly, I was not succesfull in installing the cupid package downloaded from the above site.
  I used ./configure and it is giving me the following error message.
  "checking for GST... checking for GSTLIBS... configure: error: Gstreamer Interfaces or GConf >= 0.8.7 was not found"
  Can any one help me to find a solutions for the same...???
  Thanks in advance,

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