[gst-devel] Re: Regarding GStreamer/Cupid

Daniel Díaz mrchapp at gmail.com
Wed May 17 10:37:01 CEST 2006

Hello, Ronald, all!

On 5/17/06, Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net> wrote:
> > 2) Is there any activity happenning right now towards cupid..??
> No.

I must get a working version of Cupid for GStreamer 0.10 by the end of
this month. It's a very modified version of the original Cupid 0.0.1,
being this one a GTK+-only version of it (i.e. no dependency on GNOME
or GConf.) And when I say "I must," it's because I MUST. Things change
lot, though, so there's no guarantee that'll happen.

Ronald, my request for publishing the GTK+-only version of Cupid is in
process (I started  the process recently, about two weeks ago, within
the organization.) It's is intended for the embedded platform, where
GNOME might not be always available, hence the stripping of those
dependencies. I hope I can get it out soon.

I am myself struggling with porting it to GStreamer 0.10, so any
pointers would help, trying to understand the whole thing.

In any case, there is something going on with Cupid.


Daniel Díaz
ddiaz at ti.com

> > 3) Is there any other recorder ( audio/video capture with sync from
> > microphone and webcam) solution available now, which uses
> > GStreamer ..??
> Nothing desktop-related, I'm affraid.
> > 4) Does 0.0.2 version of cupid uses GStreamer0.8 or 10.4 ..??
> 0.8.
> > 5) Is there any port of cupid for GStreamer10.4 and above available
> No.
> I consider Cupid a failed experiment. I've tried to create a video
> capturing solution that looks good and does not use any hacks for stupid
> GStreamer bugs (apart from threading-related ones) for something like
> three years. I've never been able to even get close to something that
> worked anywhere near stable, using any GStreamer version, regardless of
> how many bugs I fixed or reported. At some point I just lost interest
> myself and decided to do something else. Maybe I'll get back to it some
> day.
> It works somewhat acceptably on GStreamer 0.8, as long as you don't
> change too many settings without restarting Cupid. Feel free to install
> GStreamer-0.8 and give it a try. Also, try to capture in popular formats
> like avi/mpeg4 or h264/quicktime or mpeg4/quicktime. Those are
> well-tested and don't crash. Other capture combinations may randomly
> crash or do unexpected things. Feel free to file bugs, I can't assure
> you I'll look at them anytime soon, though. I'm working on my studies
> nowadays.
> Cheers,
> Ronald

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