[gst-devel] crickets chirping :)

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Tue May 23 11:26:04 CEST 2006

Yes all that should be possible. You'd probably also want to do a dbus
service to provide this.

There was a proposal for a GSmartMix for the Google SoC, which sounds
very similar to what you want. You should probably grab ensonic on IRC
(#gstreamer on freenode), and ask him about this :)

Rob Taylor
Collabora Ltd.

Brad Midgley wrote:
> Hi
> I am surprised that I received no responses to some questions about what
> can be done using gstreamer.
> The responses to my last question a few months ago were suggestions to
> go with alsa. We've done that, but it's clear now that alsa plugins are
> just too simple and I don't want to require another layer of overhead,
> complexity and latency for gstreamer clients. I am thinking primarily of
> palm's ALP and nokia's maemo as the kind of targets where bluetooth
> audio would be especially useful.
> From what I've read, I think gst is a good fit for bluetooth where we
> need stuff like
> hot-plugging audio (activating headset)
> a single i/o thread (mixing audio from all clients)
> plugable codecs (codecs are negotiated on connect)
> advanced signaling (target can send back pause/track advance/etc)
> coordinating streams (pausing stereo stream when connecting voice)
> These are tough problems but I'm not asking anyone here to do it for
> me--just help me know where I need to look or if some things just can't
> be done. If gst was done right, solving tough problems like this
> validates the gst approach.
> thanks
> Brad
>> I've been reading the app programming manual. Things look really good.
>> We want to be able to build a sharable and hot-pluggable bluetooth audio
>> architecture. Can I write plugins and assemble them to get this in
>> gstreamer?
>> * User can connect a bluetooth set; when that happens, audio streams in
>> progress that were going to the regular audio out go to the headset as
>> well without interruption.
>> * Audio sent by multiple apps gets mixed and is transmitted to the
>> headset by a single process/thread.
>> I'm trying to make a case to a palmsource developer for doing all the
>> bluetooth audio stuff natively in gstreamer (as opposed to using our
>> alsa plugin indirectly)... any help here would be great for steering
>> that effort.
>> Brad
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