[gst-devel] Normalization, audio properties

Sam Thursfield ssssam at gmail.com
Mon May 29 15:35:01 CEST 2006

That's cool, I've literally just got that far myself, except i'm
looking at the sink pad of the fakesink I have. Which I don't know how
that makes sense but it does seem to work.

It turns out mad won't give me any idea of the bitrate though, even by
looking at the structure of the audio/mpeg stream. I guess this is
something I'm going to have to code into the mad plugin myself :(

On 5/29/06, Stefan Kost <ensonic at hora-obscura.de> wrote:
> hi sam,
> Am Montag, den 29.05.2006, 16:03 +0100 schrieb Sam Thursfield:
> > Hi
> > I have a couple of questions about gstreamer ! The first one is about:
> > the properties of audio files. I'd like to find out the bitrate,
> > samplerate and number of channels of some mp3 and ogg files. I'm going
> > to PAUSED and reading all the tag messages, but it seems the mad
> > plugin isn't often sending samplerate or bitrate tags. And neither
> > plugin sends me anything about the number of channels. Is there
> > another way to find out these properties?  Certainly it should be
> > possible to count the channels being sent but I can't see how. Is the
> > mp3 plugin simply broken that it's not always sending any bitrate and
> > samplerate tags ?
> You'll find out about samplerate and channels by inspecting the
> negotiated src-caps of mad.
> if((pad=gst_element_get_pad(mad,"sink"))) {
>   g_signal_connect(pad,"notify::caps",
>     G_CALLBACK(on_caps_negotiated),(gpointer)self);
> }
> Stefan

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