[gst-devel] I can't play an MP3 file through RTSP/RTP

Fabrice Triboix Fabrice.Triboix at imgtec.com
Wed Nov 1 18:35:55 CET 2006



I am currently trying to play an MP3 file through RTSP/RTP, without
success so far.


I am using fenice as my RTSP server (on Linux) to play my MP3 file. It
works OK with Real player, and I basically want to do the same with

I am using the lastest versions of gstreamer and all the plugins
(compiled from sources 2 days ago).


Here is the command line I am using:

$ gst-launch --gst-debug=rtspsrc:5 rtspsrc
location=rtsp://myserver:4555/tst.sd ! rtpmpadepay ! mad ! audioconvert
! audioresample ! esdsink host=mypc


The last bit is to redirect the audio to my PC, which is a different
machine than where fenice and gst are run on. This bit works because I
can play the MP3 file directly with gstreamer (using filesrc) and hear
it on my PC.

Using ethereal, I can see that apparently, everything is OK (note:
fenice can only do RTP interleaved in RTSP).


I tried the following:

 - in the previous command line, replace mad by ffdec_mp3 => no success

 - try the helix DNA server instead of fenice => no success (the helix
server apparently works fine, at least with the Real player...)

 - search the mail list archives for gstreamer project => I found some
stuff about similar issues, but for video, not MP3

 - search the gstreamer bugs list (gnome bugzilla) => I found bugs
#341752 and possibly #319449, but nothing really helpful for my problem

 - search google => found nothing

 - redirect to a file instead of my PC (using filesink) => empty file (0


If anybody managed to do what I want to do, please let me know!

Any help very welcome!


Thank you very much,






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