[gst-devel] I can't play an MP3 file through RTSP/RTP

Fabrice Triboix Fabrice.Triboix at imgtec.com
Thu Nov 2 14:13:07 CET 2006

Hi Wim,

> You need sync=false on the audio sinks, rtspsrc is a live source.
It's better now! I can hear the whole file, but the sound is hashed and
If I dump to a file, the dumped file does not have these problems. So I
suspect a timing issue; is it possible to introduce some buffering (for
1 or 2 seconds) in the pipeline?

> There have been quite a few changes to the RTSP plugin in CVS (and 
> related plugins). Have you tried CVS head? Try the playbin element 
> (playbin uri=rtsp://...) as pads gets created dynamically and playbin 
> now should be able to handle that.
I forgot to say thank you for that, Lutz!

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