[gst-devel] ARG!

Alberto Botti alberto.botti at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 22:13:14 CET 2006

Il giorno dom, 29/10/2006 alle 11.13 -0500, Gorshkov ha scritto:
> Ok - I'm going nuts here. I've seen hints around on the web, and I've 
> read everything I can find ......... but I'm still unable to build 
> gstreamer under mingw/msys on windows.
> Anybody have a decent tutorial, or advice they're willing to part with?

I've sucessfully built GStreamer 0.10.9 and its dependencies some months
ago using MinGW under Windows XP. I'm not a MinGW/win32 expert but I
managed to get it to compile and work reliably (note that I didn't test
the native input/output plugins).

I've documented the process at

Hope it will be useful.

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