[gst-devel] pause & reusme problem in a/v sync

zhangfei gao gaozhangfei at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Nov 8 15:22:48 CET 2006

  I met a problem in pause & resume concurrent with a/v sync
  I build overlay2sink based on GstVideoSink.
  system is below,
                                 audio_queue -> audiodec -> osssink
filesrc -> splitter ->   
                               video_queue -> videodec -> overlay2sink
if the filesrc only contains audio or only video, pause & resume work well.
while if the filesrc contains both audio and video, resume can not work perfectly.
Always video resume immediately without audio, then video block to wait audio sync.
sometimes the system can sync again, sometimes system will block forever.
  I guess the problem exists in buffer data of the sink.
overlay2sink has use only one buffer (wrote by myself).
while osssink have many.
It seems overlay2sink resume immediately, but lost sync, so it will wait for osssink.
I don't know how osssink will handle the buffer data in puase situation.
Should I manually push all the buffer data in osssink before pausing, or do something in overlay2sink when state change from playing to pause.
  could you give some ideas?

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