[gst-devel] why I cannot play video in DFB

Liu Jy liujy_xs at neusoft.com
Thu Nov 9 19:10:42 CET 2006

First,thanks for ur kindness to answer my question:)

Actually,I have installed and configed DFB in my machine.In my
understanding,u means to reinstall gstreamer-plugins-bad after I set up
DFB,right? I follow it,but no new element of gstreamer is installed..

use "gst-inspect-0.10 dfbvideosink" to check..find "No such element or
plugin 'debvideosink'"  ...What should I do next?

And most important,why I can use playbin to play video in X11,yet not in
DFB? Is it a hardware or software question? Is it only one way to play
video in DFB,must use debvideosink? why playbin can not? any other

Hope ur answer... 

best regards:)

                                               your sincerely


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