[gst-devel] disabling parts of a pipeline while it runs? (help me I'm a noob!)

Alex Mac lots.of.mailing.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 12:44:56 CET 2006

On 13/11/06, Michal Benes <michal.benes at itonis.tv> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> > Using a simple pipeline like this  "dvbsrc --> filesink" I can easily
> > record from a dvb device. However I want the ability to seamlessly
> > start streaming from that dvbsrc over the network so stopping the
> > pipline and reconfiguring it is not an option.
>         what dvbsrc are you using? I know there was a source for GStreamer 0.8,
> but I do not know of anything for 0.10.

it got added to gst-plugins-bad just a few weeks ago

> > That seems ok, but I'm not sure how to handle turning off each of the
> > branches while the pipeline is going. Can I simply unlink one of the
> > things connected to the tee and relink it when I want it to start
> > again?
>         This can be a bit tricky see other thread about pad blocking. Also try
> to understand pad activation and pad modes (push, pull). It is always
> well defined which pad creates the actual processing thread.

alright, I'll have to go read up on that in the manual, no doubt I'll
be back with more questions :)

> > Also I'm not exactly sure the best way to stream the data over the
> > network using gstreamer, I know I want to use udp so I can multicast
> > but when I tried setting up two pipelines using udpsrc and udpsink the
> > output was corrupted. putting "sync=false" on the xvimagesink seemed
> > to make it less corrupted but still not ok (btw the files I was using
> > played fine without the udp bits)
>         I am having a similar problem. Are you running both pipes (udpsrc and
> udpsink) on the same machine? Right now, I do not have a solution.

yeah, so it cant be a problem with packets being lost over the network.

>                 Michal


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