[gst-devel] error C2065: 'gst_marshal_VOID__OBJECT' : undeclared identifier

ram kumar heyram_2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 12:15:23 CET 2006

hi developers,
               Thanks to mr.michal for giving me some
idea on how to debug this errors....But iam able to
compile that vs6 workspace and in that grammar.dsp
compiles well and creates gstmarshal.c and .h....But
instead i get some compilation errors
like....1.gst\gstbin.c(353) : error C2065:
'gst_marshal_VOID__OBJECT' : undeclared identifier
        2.error C2065: 'gst_marshal_VOID__OBJECT' :
undeclared identifier

3.fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file:
'....\gstreamer-0.10.9\gst\glib-compat.c': No such
file or directory   

please help me to solve this error....

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