[gst-devel] driving speakers in windows

ram kumar heyram_2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 10:12:16 CET 2006

hi developers,
              Iam able to understand the dataflow
happening in the gstreamer after your mails...But iam
not able to get an idea of low level stuff of driving
the speakers...The manual says...You can test
gstreamer by trying to play a sine tone. For this, you
need to link the audiotestsrc element to an
output element that matches your hardware. A
(non-complete) list of output plug-ins for audio is
a.alsasink for ALSA output and many more....
But 1.iam not able to find any output plugin for
2.what is the output plugin used by gstreamer in
windows...is it (directsound,WDM etc..)????
3.How to link audiotestsrc element to output

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