[gst-devel] Last frame missing

Mark Nauwelaerts manauw at skynet.be
Tue Nov 28 16:11:46 CET 2006

Pavan Kumar Patale wrote:
> I am trying to mux audio and video into an avi file.  While playback it
> has been
> observed that for 1 min of recording last 1 sec is missing.  The bad
> part is
> that for 2 min it is 2sec and 3 min - 3sec.
> Tried to play the file from command line using gst-launch-0.10 utility and
> the observation is same.
> The problem seem to be while recording is being stopped.  I am just setting
> the pipeline to GST_STATE_NULL and blocking by using gst_element_get_state
> until the state has changed.

Do you only change state after receiving the EOS message on the bus (?),
which should assure that the pipeline and in particular the mixer have received


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