[gst-devel] Last frame missing

Pavan Kumar Patale pavanpatale at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 05:12:49 CET 2006


>If you are actually *recording* from a live source (like v4l2src), you
>might want to have a look at the section "Controlled shutdown of live
>sources in applications" in
>You did not mention that you do recording in your original mail, just
>that you are muxing.  It makes a big difference whether you mux from a
>file or from a live source that provides a never ending stream of data
>that you have to stop manually.  In the future, please take your time to
>give complete descriptions of your problem situations.

Yes, i am recording from a live source and and lately i have realized that i 
did not put
that statement.  My mistake.  Thanks for the reply. Will try out the 


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