[gst-devel] removing bins from collect pads

graham at sigabrt.com graham at sigabrt.com
Wed Nov 29 12:29:55 CET 2006


I'm writing an application which involves dynamically adding and  
removing bins to a multiplexer, using gstreamer collect pads.  Adding  
is fine, but I'm having problems removing them correctly.  I have used  
other gstreamer multiplexer components as a guide, but unfortunately  
without success.

Currently, I am use gst_pad_set_unlink_function to register a function  
which unlinks the pad from the multiplexer.  The callback pauses the  
multiplexer component, calls gst_collect_pads_remove_pads on the pad  
and then sets the multiplexer back to playing.  The unlink call is  
typically called from a callback handler for gst_element_post_message.

This seems to work, but when a new bin is then added to the  
multiplexer, I get the following gstreamer error:

Pipeline error : Internal GStreamer error: pad problem.  Please file a  
bug at ht

This is using Gstreamer 0.10.10.  I realise that it is most probably a  
result of my misuse/abuse of gstreamer and not actually a gstreamer  
bug, so I have not filed a bug report.

Could anyone help me by telling my what I may be doing wrong or where  
I might find a good example of removing a pad from collect pads?

Thanks in advance,


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