[gst-devel] Potential replacement for dvdreadsrc

Jason Gerard DeRose jderose at jasonderose.org
Thu Nov 30 02:30:19 CET 2006


Thanks for your reply.

> Sorta/Probably. If your new dvdreadsrc is a full rewrite you shouldn't
> list the original dvdreadsrc developers in the copyright. If your
> version is modification on the other hand that is 100% correct. Also you
> don't need to include the copyright header of the authors from
> gst-template, gst-template is meant to be taken by anyone to use for
> anything and I think the consensus have always been that the template
> code should be considered either to unexpressive to be copyrightable or
> as a fallback public domain. The license header in there is meant as a
> template too, not as a actual license.

It is mostly a rewrite, but there are several functions that were
brought in from dvdreadsrc nearly unmodified. And a few of those
apparently were brought into dvdreadsrc nearly unmodified from
libdvdread, so I need to make sure I'm doing the right thing there.

Thank you for clearing up the gst-template issues for me. I was a bit
confused by its "license template".

> Yes, this should be ok. Tim-Phillip Muller is probably the best person
> to give a final answer (and even integrate the new code in CVS), but he
> is away on vacation this week.

I've corresponded with Tim a bit about this.  As soon as he's back from
vacation, I'll pick his brain some more.  ;)

> You should keep it push based. Most GStreamer devs, including Wim who is
> GStreamer lead designer, do not think making something like a dvdsrc
> element pull based makes much sense.

Good to hear. From my experience thus far, I don't think making dvdsrc
pull based makes much sense either, nor would it be fun to implement. ;)

> I don't know. Hopefully somone else chimes in on this. Tim again is the person 
> who have worked towards DVD support in Totem. Edward Hervey has been
> working on a new Decodebin element better tuned to handling DVD's in the
> sense that it can deal with changing audio and video streams.

Okay. If anyone else has an opinion about where DVD support in GStreamer
should be heading, I'm all ears.

> They are almost non-existant. The only multi-angle I know about is the first Matrix 
> DVD where that shooting scene on the roof where he dodges in slow motion
> is available in two angles.

Okay, that's two votes for the Matrix. I'll buy it. I need to make sure
my new tmap code works correctly on a multi angle DVD.

> Anyway, good stuff so far and thanks for taking an interest in helping
> with DVD support. I know Tim has been wanting some help with that for a
> long time.

No problem. I'm glad to help.


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