[gst-devel] Using gst-launch to convert between video formats on the command line?

Michal Benes michal.benes at itonis.tv
Mon Oct 2 11:37:28 CEST 2006

Hi Mike,

> I've got some video files in the matroska format that I would like to
> repack into the avi format. The codecs used in the file are Xvid and and
> AAC, and I'd like to simply reuse the audio and video bitstreams in the
> new file (I don't want to do any transcoding). So far, I've figured out
> how to take the video stream and put it into the avi, like so:
> gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location="in.mkv" ! matroskademux ! avimux ! filesink location=out.avi
> But the audio channel gets lost. What am I missing?

	your pipeline remuxes only the first stream detected by matroska. Try
gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location="in.mkv" ! matroskademux name=d \    
                d.video_00 ! queue ! m. \
                d.audio_00 ! queue ! m. \
                avimux name=m ! filesink location=out.avi

If it does not work, try to specify the complete capabilities
(e.g. ... queue ! video/mpeg, version=4 ! m.)


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