[gst-devel] Thoggen 0.6.0 "Procrastination" released

Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 11:36:52 CEST 2006


Thoggen 0.6.0 has just been released. Get it from:


With this release Thoggen has finally been ported to GStreamer-0.10. It
also contains a nicer cropping dialog and a nicer preview dialog. Please
note the recommended versions of some plugins in the requirements list.

 What is Thoggen?

Thoggen is a DVD backup utility ("DVD ripper") for Linux, based on Gtk+
GStreamer. It creates ogg/theora video files and features an extremely 
intuitive and easy to use interface. Thoggen supports picture cropping

 v0.6.0 - Procrastination

 * Port to GStreamer-0.10

 * Fix pad detection for titles where the
   logical audio stream number does not match
   the physical number used in the mpeg stream

 * New spiffy preview dialog, nicer cropping


 * Gtk+ 2.8.0 or newer
 * libglade 2.4.0 or newer
 * GStreamer core >= 0.10.10
 * gst-plugins-base >= 0.10.10 (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: CVS or
   becaus of oggmux and audiorate/videorate fixes that are only in CVS)
 * gst-plugins-good >= 0.10.4
 * gst-plugins-ugly >= 0.10.4 (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: CVS or
   because of a52dec downmixing fixes that are only available in CVS)

 * GStreamer plugins required (debian/ubuntu package names in brackets):
    - a52dec            (gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)
    - mpeg2dec          (gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)
    - dvdreadsrc        (gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)
    - dvddemux          (gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)
    - dvdlpcmdec        (gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly)
    - dtsdec            (gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad)
    - videorate         (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - theoraenc         (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - rawvorbisenc      (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - oggmux            (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - audioconvert      (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - audioscale        (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
    - ffmpegcolorspace  (gstreamer0.10-plugins-base)
 * libdvdread3 >= 0.9.4
 * libdvdcss2 >= 1.2.8 required for encrypted DVDs
 * dbus, dbus-glib >= 0.36
 * hal and libhal >= 0.5.0

More information is available at http://thoggen.net

Please report problems/bugs to the thoggen-devel mailing list (and
please send replies to this mail to the thoggen mailing lists only).



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