[gst-devel] assistance with python-based player needed

Owen Williams ywwg at usa.net
Sun Oct 29 16:18:54 CET 2006

I'm writing a basic playbin-based gstreamer video player in python that
will be embedded into another application, although it can also run
standalone.  Right now I have two problems with gstreamer that I've been
unable to solve, and I was hoping that this list could lend me a hand.

1. When the window moves around or is resized, 50% of the time I see
black instead of the video.  I hooked up to the expose event like totem
does, but it still doesn't work.  

2. I don't know how to release the XV port when the player is paused.
Right now even if the player isn't being used it monopolizes the video
hardware so that no one else can use XV.  What's the correct way to
release the port?

Since the player is very small and has no external dependencies, I've
attached it here.  Just run it with filenames as arguments to queue them
in the playlist.  You'll also need a ~/.penguintv folder where it will
want to store the playlist.

Owen Williams
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