[gst-devel] x264 plugin patch and a couple of questions

Roman Ekjanov gst at june31.com
Thu Apr 5 00:08:10 CEST 2007

On 3/30/07, Michal Benes <michal.benes at itonis.tv> wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> > I have created a simple patch for new x264 encoder plugin. It adds the
> > code which forwards log messages from libx264 to gst log subsystem,
> > maybe you will find it usefull.
>         than you. It is indeed useful. I will adapt the patch little bit to
> match style of other gstreamer plugins.
> > I also have a couple of questions about this plugin
> > Why do you need to add one frame period to pts when b-frames are used?
> > You use timestamp queue to store/retrive buffer durations. But the
> > order of encoded frames can be different from the order of the
> > incoming buffers. I think you should lookup a queue entry with
> > timestamp equal to the pts of output picture, not just use the queue
> > as a ring buffer. Although I am not sure what practical value those
> > buffer durations have.
>         The queue is used for generating DTS. This is probably not the best
> methos to do so, but it was reasonably easy one. PTS are retrieved from
> the decoder correctly. We use some hack for storing DTS which are later
> used by our mpeg-ts muxer. Packet queue would not be needed, because
> normal GttBuffers can not hold DTS.
>         Michal
I see. Just curios why just you don't use something like a simple
counter for DTS? If it's too long to explain, please ignore.

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