[gst-devel] Is gstreamer what I need?

Ken Seehart ken at seehart.com
Wed Apr 25 20:49:32 CEST 2007

What I need :

- multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX)
- python bindings
- streaming download from our server to our client (I need to develop 
both the client and the server)
- simple audio/video conferencing (one source to many viewers)
- ability to play videos (only need one format, and it doesn't matter 
which one)
- ability to go to a specified time index during video playback (to 
within a 500ms)
- ability to know the current time index during video playback (to 
within a 500ms)
- interface to webcam devices on all target platforms

I don't need or want /any /GUI support.  I want the video playback 
functionality to simply provide me with a flat RGB frame buffer, which I 
can then display myself (in wxPython).

Is anyone working on a multi-platform python egg?  If gstreamer happens 
to be what I am looking for, I might be willing to contribute 
development of the egg installer if nobody is doing that yet.

How does gstreamer compare with kamaelia?

The development seems to be Linux-centric, which is definitely better 
than Windoze-centric, but I am wondering if anyone is successfully using 
gstreamer to develop applications that run on Windows too.

Thanks a bunch,
- Ken Seehart

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