[gst-devel] Producing images for a xvimagesink (or any image sink)

Fred Labrosse ffl at aber.ac.uk
Sun Aug 19 00:04:43 CEST 2007


I'm completely new to gstreamer programming and am trying to evaluate if
it can do what I want to do.

I'm working on an application that creates live sequences of images and I
want to display the images in real time on a linux display.

I looked at things like imlib2 and imagemagick.  The former will do what I
want except that it requires an alpha channel which I don't have and don't
particularly want to add.  The latter is rather slow from I remember from
using it a long time ago.

My question is: how do I create data to feed into a gst image sink?  My
images are stored as arrays of RGBRGBRGB...  I looked at the doc but
couldn't find anything.

Many thanks in advance.


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